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My background is very diverse. From a very young age I developed a deep love for the stage, which I fueled with theater, dance and singing lessons. Professionally, I subsequently explored universes such as classical and contemporary theater, cabaret, circus but also television and voice-over. At the same time, I followed university studies and I obtained a license in modern letters, cultural mediation course. These studies allowed me to approach the "off stage" part of the performing arts and to work, for example, in audiovisual production, events, training or the management of cultural projects. What particularly characterizes my experiences are cultural diversity, travel and openness to the world. This page relates some outstanding experiences of my career and the beautiful encounters.

Clown Chikitita, Circo do Jacaré, Itapui SP, Brazil 2013

Circo Do Jacaré
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

During a trip to Uruguay in 2012, I met Isiely Ayres from a long line of Brazilian circus artists. Isiely is herself a contortionist, clown, stilt walker, fire-eater, actress, singer ... In short, she knows how to do everything. During this meeting, I told him about my childhood dream of working in a circus. She invites me to discover circus life within her family, whenever I want. The following year, settled for just a few months in Buenos Aires in Argentina, I decided to join the Circo do Jacaré (the Crocodile Circus) in the State of São Paulo in Brazil. For several months I will travel, work and do my circus apprenticeship with the Ayres family. Very quickly I became a clown, a fire eater and my knowledge in oriental dance allowed me to do the show every night. With Isiely, we create a duo of clowns: Zika and Chikitita, my clown will also be baptized directly by the people of the circus. By this experience Chikitita was born and she had the most beautiful birth. She continues to grow by participating in workshops, such as with Rogério Paulo in October 2016 in Lisbon. During our stay in the city of Vera Cruz, a very nice documentary (which can be found in the videos) is produced by Marcelo Franco Martins.

Molly of the Sands
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Several years ago, Noëlle Casta, who was my director at L'Athanor Théâtre, recommended the play Molly des sables by Fatima Gallaire, with these words "It's a text that would suit you very well". It is a monologue for 1 actress and 14 characters. Falling in love with this text, I keep it under the elbow for several years. It was when I met Myriam Sebbah for Les Sessions Kwandies that I got the idea of ​​playing this monologue in two voices. Barbara Buschmann then joined us and supported us on this project. We had the immense pleasure of obtaining the support and advice of author Fatima Gallaire, throughout the preparation and the incredible surprise to find her in the audience on the night of the premiere.

Poster Molly des Sables , designed by Nadia El jaziri for the Théâtre de la Passerelle, Paris, 2012

Afiche Les Sessions Kwandies, Théâtre de Ménilmontant, 2010

The Kwandi Sessions
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In 2008, I met Alain Akoa, who asked me to stage his show: Les Sessions Kwandies. Its original concept catches my attention. It is about articulating around a piece written for 4 actors, different dance, song or capoeira numbers, in a cabaret atmosphere. Very quickly I suggest to Myriam Sebbah to collaborate with me on this project which will bring together up to twenty artists from very varied disciplines. Together, we are rewriting a second version of the play, which will be in residence successively at the Théâtre de la Main d'Or and the Théâtre du Ménilmontant, in Paris, until 2011. At the same time, the show will be performed several times in the Paris region. , by incorporating local artists in each city. This project will be a fabulous tool for cultural mediation by attracting an uninitiated audience to the theater. It will also be a very beautiful symbol of cultural diversity. In 2010, we will even have the opportunity to be invited by North Carolina Central University in Durham in the United States, in order to collaborate on a program of cultural exchange and promotion of the French language. The show will also be performed at the Raleigh International Festival in North Carolina.

MEN !!!

In 2005, the English director Colin David Reese, brought together 6 actresses from different horizons and origins, including myself, to create the show MEN !!! In the spirit of a working laboratory based on the Jacques Lecoq method, we all participate in the writing and creation of our characters. The show will be performed several times between 2005 and 2007. Beyond the writing, this show gives me the opportunity to approach a comic character and caricature. The director then advises me to move towards the role of clown. Kept in the back of my mind, this advice will catch on.

MEN poster !!! , for the Daniel Sorano theater in Vincennes, France, 2007

Algeria in the heart

In 2003, still in theater school, I saw myself offering to host a weekly TV program, for Algerian national television, on the occasion of the year of Algeria in France. For a year, this program will relate the events that will highlight Algerian culture and artists. This experience allows me first of all to discover the voice over work during certain reports, but also the animation. I will then host several business, cultural or showcase events such as the Norooz festival in 2011 and 2012 on Persian culture, which I also participate in the organization for the Regard Persan Institute.

Debut on the boards

From an early age, I dream of going on stage. In high school I participate in theater workshops and co-write my first play. It was in 1998 that I started with the Athanor theater. For almost 5 years, I will work, under the direction of Noëlle Casta, around twenty plays and texts by authors such as Molière, Racine, Marivaux, Duringer, Garcia Llorca or Heiner Müller ... common, directly on the stage and a most enriching experience for a young actress.

La Celestine, Fernando de Rojas, role of Mélibéé,

Athanor Theater, 2001

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